Lady Charlotte Armstrong ...How does she do it?

Mother of 5 , Entrepreneur, Businesswoman and Philanthropist ....let's find out her Inspirational story and how divides her time , positive mindset and building an Empire !

Interview with Lady Charlotte Armstrong -

Hi Lady Charlotte how are you today? Thank you for having a chat with me ?

LCA- Great ...super excited to be coming out of Lockdown....

How have you dealt with the Pandemic? Is it true you had your fifth baby in Lockdown?

LCA- I am quite honestly much stronger because of it, I used the time to build LIP Ladies In Power Podcast also spending quality time with my husband and children. I actually got pregnant on the first day of Lockdown in UK er discovered it when we done the dates on Scan. I remember my husband saying "Its Lockdown , what we going to do next ? " rest is history . Aspen Armstrong is my fifth baby ....I love big families!

How do you manage with 5 children ? Especially in a Pandemic?

LCA- Honestly I am so proud of my family and children. Quality time with each child individually is so important. I spend at least 1 hour a week on an activity 1 on 1 with the children individually on things they enjoy most which is great fun for me getting to do at least 5 different activities a week . Ranging from football, ballet, sensory classes, baking, singing and sometimes even boxing which we would usually do outside but during pandemic all at home. Home schooling was tough in Lockdown with two teenagers 13 & 16 I have so much more respect for teachers . Siri helped me through lol.... Thanks Siri.....

You have quite large age gap of 27 years between your husband and yourself ?

What is that like? Does it cause any challenges ?

LCA- I honesty don't feel the age gap is that dramatic partly because my husband is a big kid at heart loving sports cars and living life to the fullest. Being a young mum at 17 and 21 installed a maturity at a very young age. We both have so many things in common from family backgrounds , areas we have lived in ( at different times) and Life Goals and work ethic. I believe in Destiny and I honesty feel as if we are twin flames.

You are mixed race ? What is your family background and what was that like growing up ?

LCA- My mothers side of my family came over to London from Jamaica during the wind rush of late 1950's going back a generation my family decent is originally from Ghana, Ashanti.

On my fathers side his my Grandfather was from Glasgow , Scotland and mother was born and raised in Bethnal Green , East London and from Jewish decent.

Being Mixed race has always been a blessing for me I have experienced racism from both sides . I remember when I first discovered colour when I was around 6 asking mother why she was brown and my father was peach ...Honestly feel that my mix has helped me have such a strong and broad understanding and connection too many cultures.

I share having a mother who is black and father who is white with The Duchess of Sussex Megan which was not so common when I was growing up.

TOO GLAM HQ...tell more ?

LCA- YAYY!!...I am is excited about Too Glam HQ sharing my passion bringing my two favourite things together Glam and Bling through beauty products from Shampoo, Conditioner to Make up and Skincare launching 2021/22. We have now Launched our APP Too Glam HQ which you can download on Google Pay & Apple App Store.

Look out for our Glam girls on Instagram ...GLAM GOALS !! Check out our instagram @tooglamhq and website

I have seen LIP ....what does this stand for and how did this come about ?

LCA- LIP stands for Ladies In Power ... I was intrigued during Lockdown on how Ladies (and men) found their inner power and decided in Lockdown to create a Podcast which has been a huge success! I have also found on my personal journey of finding my power a few helpful tips which I have put together and are available either monthly or yearly by going the LIP ELITE Community. You can check out our daily positive affirmations on Instagram @Officalladiesinpower and also sign up for FREE to get exclusive access at

Stay tuned lots of VERY EXCITING GUESTS and much more coming up !!

As everyones knows I LOVE ...Ask Siri or Alexa to find my Podcast ....LIP Ladies In Power Podcast or find on Apple Podcast, Deezer, Spotify and all Podcast outlets ...

Is it true you that you were once was homeless?

LCA- Yes a lot of people are very shocked to know that I was once homeless after a spiral of events that led me knocking on the door of The Marylebone Project. Where they was able to help me rebuild my self esteem and offer support. I went back last year and gifted the residents Too Glam products for Xmas. I am very pleased to now be a Brand Ambassador helping raising awareness. The Marylebone project is opening a 24/7 Open Clinic in The Day Centre offering a safe place for vulnerable women that are on the streets in Central London.

I know that you are very Passionate about Mental Health do you have any tips for anyone struggling ?

LCA- I believe that everyone is more aware of Mental Health and is much more of an acceptable topic due to the pandemic and how the world dealt with anxiety all at the same time ....I have had some very traumatic experiences that have happened in my past which dominated my life and choices. When I discovered EFT Emotional Freedom Technique my life changed forever! Working with Sub-conscious mind letting go of trauma in a healthy way.

I cannot recommenced EFT enough and how it truly can let go.

I think the first step would be to accept the past and let go of baggage. Speak to the right support networks reach out to your GP. There is various deferent charities that can advise Mind being a great one. Remaining to have a positive Mindset in hard times is the key. At LIP we especially help everyone not just women rebuild their self belief and mental attitude that is the first step to success.

You are extremely positive ....How have you managed to stay positive when negative situations happen ?

LCA- I am a massive believer in LOA - Law of Attraction positive mindset and Manifesting your dreams ...thoughts become your reality. I vision board and meditate also I strongly believe in good energy. I am extremely protective of my energy ....I surround myself with positive people who are like minded. I would defiantly say that I am a Spiritual person....

Can you share something readers may not know .......

LCA- Many people may not know that I am a massive Shirley Bassey fan !

I absolutely adore her ....she brings such Class and grace massive role model to me growing up.

Whats next ...?

I have many projects very exciting coming up in 2021/22 ....Stay up to date with my newsletter

How can people contact you or find you online?

LCA- You can find me on :

Twitter @1ladycharlotte

Instagram :@itsladycharlotte

Check Out my brands



Thank you so much...

LCA- Your welcome Stay Safe & Stay Glam 💎

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